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About Roku streaming device

Roku Streaming devices can provide its customers with the easiest way to stream their entertainment on TV. Nowadays, streaming players are more focused on giving a dead-simple way to stream the video and audio contents

Moreover, it can Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or any streaming services, this Roku streaming device will allow you to watch every one of them. Similarly, there is no subscription required for Roku features, and it is only after installing the channels on the Roku. On the other hand, the Roku setup is effortless, for activating this device, the users must visit

The functioning of the Roku streaming device

Firstly, it can be a Roku Player or Roku TV or Roku Soundbar, the performance, and the experience is very indistinguishable. Moreover, all the Roku devices will need a Network connection

The users will have to perform the initial setup process and have to carry on with the home screen setup.

And this will include the wireless Setup, display setting, enabling the automatic software update, activating the device via

Connect Your Roku Device to Wireless Network

Channel addition on Roku

Roku streaming devices provides its users with the option to add new channels to the Roku home screen. Similarly, Roku streaming platform has a 1000’s of channels on it that the users can download it via the Roku app store. Addition of the channels can be done with the Roku remote, and then users must initiate with it

What are the features of the Roku streaming device?

The first and foremost feature would be the Parental controls. This feature will include a PIN to install the Roku channels or enables the ability to play movies. And for this the users must access Settings -> Parental Controls. Secondly, there is an option called Roku with public Wi-Fi in a Hotel or Dorm

How to use this option?

Firstly, Setup the Roku player. After that, Hold the Home button. Scroll up and select Settings. Secondly, choose Network. Next, choose Setup up connection. Now, select Wireless and check for the list of Network. Moreover, Roku connects to the internet. Finally, choose I am at a hotel or college dorm

Thirdly, it is Casting, where you can, cast your Mobile or the computer screen on your Roku using this option. Fourthly, Roku provides its users with apps for Android, iOS, and Fire OS devices. To enjoy all these features, you have to install the Roku device, get the Roku activation code and provide it in

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About Roku OS

Now it is Roku OS version 9.2 will proffer advanced search, that includes Roku Zones created to make it simple to search for movies by its genre. Moreover, the Zones are constantly refreshed with the popular content, from multiple channels


Voice Search Playback, Quick Setup (initial), Shortcuts, Sleep timer

What are the significant needs for the Roku setup?

Firstly, it is, Speedy network connection, Wireless Network credentials

Roku Activation Code

Let’s get started

Roku streaming device setup

Firstly, fix one end of the HDMI cable into the rear of the Roku Player and then the other end to the HDMI port on the rear side of your computer. After that, make a note of the port number

Now, link one end of the power connector to the rear of the player and the other end to the power source. Next, power on the TV, hold the source button on the remote the input button. Moreover, choose the HDMI slot of the Roku streaming device

Initial Setup of Roku

At first, the Roku logo will appear on the TV screen. Make use of the Roku remote button and choose the language for the Roku device

Roku Activation Code

Roku activation code

After completing with the Roku device setup, the Roku activation code will appear on the TV screen. Similarly, this activation code must be provided on, to begin with, the activation process


Firstly, you will have to key in the Roku activation code, that is the alphanumeric code in Open a new web browser on the computer that has access to the same Network as of the Roku device

In the address bar, enter Provide the Roku activation code in the text box in this page. And finally, click the Submit button in this page and this will start up with the activation process

Build up the Roku account

Firstly, visit the Roku sign up site to start with the account creation process. In there, click the Create account option. After that, on the main page, fill in the form to create your Roku account. Secondly, provide your account with a unique password using all the characters specified. Next, enter the valid email address to get notifications regarding Roku updates. Moreover, you will now be asked to create your account PIN as well

Creating Roku PIN

Firstly, from the PIN preferences, choose the Update button. After that, choose your PIN preference from the three options listed below

Always require a Pin to make purchases and to add channels. Always require a Pin to make purchases. No pin is required to make your purchase

If selecting the first two options and have not created a PIN, the user will be asked to provide the 4 digit PIN in the PIN field 4. Next, choose the Verify PIN field for confirmation

In case, having a PIN already, enter the PIN in the Verify PIN field. Finally, choose Save Changes and access the terms and condition

Roku Activation Code
Roku Activation Code

Roku errors troubleshooting

What are the common error codes?

Error code 014

This can relate to the internet, and for this, the users must check for the network connection,

Error Code 009

The network connection will not be active even after the router connection.

Error code 012

This can also inform the user about the network issues.

Common tips for activation errors on

Firstly, check and verify the activation steps After that, make use of the appropriate to enter the Roku activation code. Next, make use of any other web browser to enter Moreover, check whether the Roku activation code run out of time. Finally, make use of the soft, hard and factory reset

Solutions for software issues

At first, check for the software update. Verify the software version. Regularly, scan your device to get rid of malware. Finally, uninstall the external software or firewall protectionYou can contact our professional expert team for more information regarding